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Recommended Reading 

National Geographic: The Best Photos of 2019


  • Never has a collection of photos moved me like this one.

Trump administration says it will approve largest U.S. solar farm


  • “The investment bank Lazard reported in November that onshore wind and solar power are two of the cheapest sources of new electricity generation in the United States, averaging $28 per megawatt-hour and $36 per megawatt-hour, respectively. Electricity from a new natural gas plant, by comparison, typically costs $44 to $68 per megawatt-hour, according to Lazard.”


  • I general, I’m strongly opposed to the Trump administration, but I guess they occasionally do some things right.

Our pathetically slow shift to green energy, in five charts


  • “The cost of large wind and solar farms dropped by 70% and nearly 90%, respectively. Meanwhile, renewable-power plants around the world are producing four times more electricity than they did 10 years ago.”
  • “Similarly, electric vehicles were barely a blip at the outset of the 2010s. But automakers were on track to sell 1.8 million EVs this year…”
  • “But the swift growth in these small sectors still hasn’t added up to major changes in the massive global energy system, or reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions. So far, cleaner technologies have mostly met rising energy demands, not cut deeply into existing fossil-fuel infrastructure, as the charts that follow make clear.”


Spaced Repetition: An excellent study strategy for long term retention 


  • “It turns out that the best time to review information that you are trying to remember is right around the time that you would naturally forget it.”
  • “One study found that without spaced repetition, after one year, medical students forgot up to 33% of their basic science knowledge. And after two years, more than 50%.”
  • “But when students and residents apply spaced repetition strategies in their studying, they significantly outperform their counterparts, with some studies showing up to 40% greater learning efficiency.”


An incredible surgery  


  • This young singer developed a brain tumor near the region of her brain associated with musicality. In order to remove the tumor without damaging her ability to use her voice, doctors had her sing during the surgery. As long as her singing remained clear, they knew that they were not cutting into a vital area.


Documentary Recommendation: Dealt


  • This was one of the most touching, astounding, and tear-inducing movies I have ever seen.



“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

– Carl Sagan

“Extreme people get extreme results.”

– Sam Altman


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