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Consumer advocacy groups are mostly funded by Big Pharma, according to new research

Key takeaway:

  • If a doctor recommended that I take any form of drug/medication/treatment, I would do a whole lot of research before putting it into my body, regardless of how confident the doctor was of its safety.


  • “A number of groups resist corporate ties to this day, such as the National Women’s Heath Network and Breast Cancer Action. Too often, however, groups argue that their existence depends on corporate funding. This can lead to uncomfortable compromises.”
  • “An estimated two-thirds of patient advocacy groups in America accept funds from the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma companies gave at least $116 million to such groups in 2015 alone.”
  • “For example, over a three-year period, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), which was founded by two mothers whose sons suffered from schizophrenia, received nearly $12 million from 18 pharmaceutical companies. The largest donor was Prozac manufacturer, Eli Lilly. By 2008, three-quarters of NAMI’s budget was funded by the pharmaceutical industry.”


Eating Seaweed Salad May Boost Immune Function


  • “Researchers gave people suffering from various herpes infections about two grams a day of pure powdered wakame, which is equivalent to about a quarter cup of seaweed salad. ‘All fifteen patients with active Herpetic viral infections’—including herpes virus 1, the cause of oral herpes, which causes cold sores; herpes virus 2, which causes genital herpes; herpes virus 3, which causes shingles and chicken pox; and herpes virus 4, also known as Epstein-Barr virus, which causes mono—’experienced significant lessening or disappearance of symptoms…'”


Using Vinegar To Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes 


  • “Consuming vinegar with a meal reduces the (post meal) spike in insulin, blood sugar, and triglycerides.”


  • A large blood sugar spike after a meal is usually followed by a large dip, along with lethargy. If you can reduce the size of the spike, you can reduce the severity of the post-meal crash. Consuming vinegar after a meal seems to be a simple and effective way of achieving this goal.


Journal Excerpts

I’m a huge fan of evidence, examples, and specificity.

To what degree are you aware of others? How sensitive are you to their emotional states? How easily are you overwhelmed by the energy of the people around you? 

Would you rather learn a small amount about twenty peoples’ lives, or a large amount about five peoples’ lives?

For a long time, I have gone around telling people about my belief that if the U.S decided to reallocate its military budget to foreign aid, we would no longer need a military. That no foreign countries would want to go to war with us, because of how grateful the were for the aid they received. The other day, I found myself looking up information online to strength my ability to argue with others about political issues. And then I realized that this behavior was quite similar to our country’s military spending. I decided to stop investing in my intellectual arsenal, and to double my efforts to research and share information that is non-inflammatory, and that I think will improve the lives of those who see it.

How much space do your collections occupy? A collection of songs can be stored on an iPhone. A collection of clothes often requires an entire wardrobe. A collection of cars requires a large garage. A collection of memories requires no space at all.

For some, exploring a physical landscape by going on a hike feels like progress. For others, exploring a mental landscape by reading a book feels like progress. What forms of exploration feel like progress to you? 


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