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  • DMT is one of the world’s most powerful psychedelics, and one of the primary active ingredients in the plant medicine ayahuasca. 


  • “The astonishing thing is that all these volunteers (the research subjects at Imperial College London) are all coming back with accounts of meeting the same entities, and the same world.”
  • “(There is a possibility that) DMT opens up a parallel world, and there is a nexus here with quantum physics and with the notion of parallel realms and parallel realities.” 
  • “Ultimately the aim of this project is to map the DMT realm.” 
  • “We find that there are unseen realities all around us that can be made visible in a deeply altered state of consciousness.”  

Additional note: 

  • Many of my experiences in darkness retreats have strongly convinced me that the ideas discussed above are true. 


Recommended Reading: Flying to New Heights


  • “On January 15th, 2014, my life changed drastically. I was a F/A-18E Super Hornet pilot in VFA-143, The Pukin’ Dogs, stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana. Just before my flight, my friend Fisty and I joked how it would be a bad day to eject, as there was a sixteen foot, thirty-five-hundred-pound, great white shark named Mary-Lee directly under the airspace I would be utilizing that day.”
  • “Within a few seconds I had gone from over two miles above the ocean to only a couple thousand feet. At fifty-one degrees, nose low, in a steep dive, I was about to crash as the ocean rushed up at me. I pulled the black and yellow ejection handle between my legs and braced for impact. The ejection sequence takes less than a half second. Traveling at six-hundred-ninety-five miles per hour or ninety-five percent the speed of sound, my body violently impacted the transonic sound barrier like a rag doll.”
  • “I was given a diagnosis of delayed onset PTSD and was, once again, pumped full of pharmaceutical drugs.”
  • “After eight and a half years of ineffective TBI treatment, I am finally healing my brain and soul properly. Heroic Hearts Project founder, Jesse Gould, invited me down to the beautiful Soltara Healing Center in Tarapoto, Peru, where I underwent three nights of intense ayahuasca ceremony. Under the guidance of two indigenous Shipibo shaman from the Amazon, seven other veterans and I essentially had surgery performed on our souls under the canopy of the rainforest.”
  • “Before bed I puked one last time. As I purged, I saw a dark, veiny, muscular, deformed entity exit my body and dissolve in the toilet. I felt like something evil that had been trapped within me for a long time finally was gone.”


Excerpts From My Journal

The more work I do in non-ordinary states, the less certain I am about exactly what is happening to me in them, and the more certainty I have that they are improving my life. 

Most people are just doing what seems to make sense, based on what they believe to be true.

In some sense, ideas are energy. If a novel idea eliminates the need for 100 hours of work, one can think of it as being worth however much energy the work it eliminated would have taken to complete. 

The more I choose to ignore the voice of fear, the better everything seems to go. 


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