Excerpts from my Journal

If you want to stay in touch with reality, I think it’s best to spend time in the worlds of the verbal and the non verbal. To speak and listen, and to paint and play music. To read and write, and to play sports and do yoga. 

Instead of asking yourself what you shouldn’t eat, maybe you should start asking yourself what you should eat. If you come up with enough satisfying answers to the latter question, you probably won’t need to spend much time thinking about the former. 

Stories and experience are a currency that will always have value regardless of which country you’re in. Just so long as you speak the local language.

If you want a map

You can buy one

Or you can explore

And by doing so

Create one in your mind


Music Recommendation

  • My favorite part starts a little after 2:45


Artist whose work I’ve been enjoying: MariaRikteryteShop