Handwriting vs. Typing: How to Choose the Best Method to Take Notes


  • “In general, research shows that taking notes by hand allows you to remember the material better than typing those notes on a computer. This has been demonstrated in a number of studies on the topic, ranging from those which examined memory in general, to those which examined note-taking methods in a classroom setting.”


  • These days, I rarely take notes, and generally just trust my mind to remember what it needs to. But when I do decide to write down something that I’ve heard, or a thought that I’ve had, I usually do it by hand. 


Excerpts from my Journal 

In my experience, the best solutions are usually elegant.

I think most people are simultaneously more broken, and more capable of healing, than they tend to believe. 

Would you have rather read many maps or been to many places?

Often, others perceive us far more clearly than we perceive ourselves. And aspect of yourself seems distorted to you, may seem indescribably beautiful to someone else. 

Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time repeatedly telling ourselves the stories that we wish were true. 

If you want your life to change

Close your eyes

And listen to the music of your mind

You may not enjoy the song that it plays

But it’s probably the song that you need to hear


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