The Current State of Energy Storage

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  1. Cycle Life (The number of times the technology can be charged and discharged)
  2. Cost (The cost of storing and or releasing a unit of energy)
  3. Gravimetric and Volumetric Energy Density (How much energy the technology can store per unit of weight and volume, respectively)
  4. Round Trip Efficiency (The percentage of energy transferred into the storage technology that can be discharged back into the grid)
  5. Safety
  • If you would like to learn more about how the price of a technology falls as we produce more of it (a process that is rapidly taking place with lithium ion batteries), check out this Forbes article:
  • It likely that we will eventually repurpose the batteries from electric cars for home and industrial energy storage, once they have derated to the point that they are unsuitable for powering a moving vehicle.
  • Experts predict that electric cars will eventually be able to help regulate the electrical grid by sending current into it while they are plugged into charging ports.