HONY Highlights

Below are links to some of my favorite stories from the blog Humans of New York. I titled the posts to give some information on their contents; the posts in Humans of New York don’t have titles.

A Beautiful Story

Excerpt: “It couldn’t have turned out better.  I’m just extremely happy.  I worked as a nurse my whole life.  It was my job and my ministry.  I’m about to spend my 40th Christmas with the love of my life.”

Consciousness, unanswered questions, and meaning

Excerpt: “They’ve taken me to ten psychologists.  Never a diagnosis.  They just say that I’m a dreamer.  And in this world dreamer is not good.”

Judo and fearlessness 

Excerpt: “They can see in my eyes that I’m not scared.  I may be eighty-six but I could lift you off the ground and throw you over my shoulder right now.”

The autistic pickup artist

Excerpt: “Of course it’s manipulation, but why should I care?  I’ve been manipulated so many times in my life.”

Life behind the Iron Curtain

Excerpt: “…we were always ten years behind in music.  But if you stayed up late, you could listen to an underground radio station from Germany.  The frequency barely came through.  But I would listen in the kitchen when my parents were asleep.  And if Pink Floyd came on, and you managed to record it, it was like gold.”

Rescue from the Thames

Excerpt: “I swam 50 yards until I reached the man.  By that time he was unconscious, but I pulled him toward the shore.”

The power of reporters

“Twenty-five years ago I was working as a reporter when I received a tip from a police detective in Belgium. He’d been working to break up a child pornography ring, but suddenly the case was closed by his bosses.”

The Lonely Therapist

“Even today I’m constantly fighting the temptation to be alone.”

A great Uncle 

Excerpt: “And no matter how crazy it gets with these two, it’s always stress free for me.  It’s just golden.”