March Newsletters


  • The relationship between excessive car traffic and infant health
  • Algae for reducing the greenhouse emissions from cows
  • Highlights from The Inevitable
  • Interview with Johann Hari



  • Website Recommendation: Humans of New York
  • Information on Sensory Deprivation (Floating)
  • Highlights from Energy and Civilization
  • Documentary Recommendation – FYRE: The Greatest Party that Never Happened



  • Person to Follow: David Eagleman
  • Website Recommendation: Our World in Data
  • Highlights from The Omnivore’s Dilemma


April Newsletters


  • Person to Follow: Peter Diamandis
    • Singularity University
    • The X Prize Foundation
  • Emerging Field: Nutrigenomics
  • Quote by Richard Feynman



  • Short story recommendation: The Egg, by Andy Weir
  • Expressive Writing Therapy
  • Info on the Health Benefits of Sauna Use



  • Person to Follow: David McCandless
    • Information is Beautiful
  • Falcon Heavy Launch + Video
  • Colin O’Brady’s Antarctic Crossing



  • Lichenberg Figures
  • Graph of the Price of Light
  • Blindsight
  • Effect of Gestational Season on Personality



  • The Roseto Study
  • Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk
  • The Benefits of Napping and the Impact of Sleep Deprivation
  • Stories about Warren Buffet



  • Excerpt from Stealing Fire
    • Discusses the effects of mediation, transcranial direct current stimulation, flow, neurofeedback, and psychedelics



  • Mark Plotkin’s TED Talk
  • Person of the Week: John von Neumann


May Newsletters


  • Excerpt from Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Make Healthcare Human Again, by Eric Topol



  • Info on Andrew Yang
  • Keller Rinaudo TED talk on his UAV company Zipline



  • Description of Biosphere 2
  • Information on the relationship between Income and Happiness
  • Documentary Recommendation: Jiro Dreams of Sushi



  • FoundMyFitness SNP report
  • Aerospace companies worth following: Opener and Gravity
  • Using AI for breast cancer prediction



  • Deepfake Videos
  • Artificially Generated Text
  • Amazon’s New Packaging Machines
  • Amount of time the average American spends watching TV per day
  • Quote by Yuval Harari
  • Wired Article on Sunscreen Absorption



  • Person worth following: Graham Hancock



  • Info on the man missing most of his brain
  • Scientific American Article by Bernardo Kastrup
  • Documentary Recommendation: Merchants of Doubt
  • Quote by Thor Heyerdahl on the non-existence of borders



  • Most Expensive Drug Ever
  • Starlink Satellite Launch
  • Early deaths of NFL players
  • Rising Antidepressant Use
  • Info on how Wikipedia works


June Newsletters 


  • Effects of High Temperature Days During Gestation on Future Income
  • K. Elizabeth Coggins Quote
  • Article on One Person Trials / Personalized Medicine
  • The History of the Term “Meme”



  • Stan Grof Interview
  • Link between autism and the gut
  • Link between schizophrenia and the gut
  • J.K Rowling Quote
  • Overview of Jeff Bezos and Amazon



  • Mediation’s effect on telomere length
  • Touching Human’s of New York Story
  • Henri Poincare quote



  • Foreign Accent Syndrome
  • Rapid language acquisition after coma
  • Article to read: “Are we all multiple personalities of a universal consciousness?”
  • Herodotus Quote


July Newsletters


  • Book recommendation: Stealing Fire
  • Article on Gun Licensing Laws
  • Youtube Channel Recommendation: minutephysics
  • J.K Rowling Quotes (From Harry Potter)



  • Spotify’s filtering strategy
  • Similarity between the structure of the brain and the structure of the cosmos
  • Hottest June Ever Recorded
  • Renewables Surpass Coal
  • Quotes by Tim Ferriss and Paulo Coelho



  • Info on Neuralink
  • Highlights from Neuralink’s presentation
  • Presentation on the Therapeutic Applications of Psychedelics
  • Quotes by Elon Musk and Richard Fuller
  • Night photography by Chase Schober



  • My experience with Holotropic Breathwork
  • TED talk on the future of meat production
  • Quotes by Herbert Simon and E.O Wilson


August Newsletters


  • Article: “When Evidence Says No But Doctors Say Yes”
  • Person Worth Following: Naval Ravikant
  • Quotes by Winston Churchill and E.O Wilson



  • TED Talk by Cal Newport
  • Ethiopian Tree Planting Effort
  • Electric Car Sales In Norway
  • CRISPR Used in a Human Trial
  • Robert Rubin Quote



  • video on the effectiveness of antidepressants
  • Book recommendation and description: Quiet, by Susan Cain
  • Researcher to Follow: Michael Meany
  • My essay: Some Observations on Words, Music, and Life



  • Person worth following: Tim Ferriss
  • Book recommendation and excerpts: Industries of the Future, by Alec Ross
  • Information on China’s solar energy progress
  • Democratic candidates climate town hall debate
  • Humans of New York post on racism and service



  • Information on Deep Dream image generation
  • YouTube channel recommendation: Josh Turner Guitar
  • Information on the Oura Ring self quantification device
  • Description of the Meural digital canvas
  • William James Quote



  • University of Melbourne Presentation on the Adverse Health Effects of Cellphone Radiation
  • Podcast Recommendation: Five Minute Biographies
  • Article on the raising number of people who need prescription glasses
  • Article on Tim Ferriss’s use of the amazonian entheogen ayahuasca, and its positive effect on his mental health
  • Article on the benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation
  • J.F Berlin Quote on myth
  • A few thoughts on natural selection



  • The range of every electric vehicle going on sale in the U.S in 2020
  • Article on the U.S coal industry’s relatively small employment statistics
  • Article on a new technique that can be used to sort sperm by sex
  • Update on the progress of deepfake technology
  • Information on several charitable organizations to which I recently made donations
    • Charity: Water
    • The Chaikuni Institute
    • The Himalayan Cataract Project
  • A few questions that I frequently ask myself



  • TED Talk by Scott Galloway
  • Article on America’s most promising AI companies
  • Article on an audacious plan to protect Africa’s forests
  • Article on the way extreme rituals might be beneficial for human health
  • Information on the double slit experiment and superposition
  • Website recommandation: Meetup
  • Essay on “The supply line”
  • Quotes by Plato and Michio Kaku



  • Article on how much Uber drivers actually make
  • Article on the toxins present in most receipts
  • Article on Khalil Rafati
  • Video on an new brain machine interface technology company
  • Quotes by Marcus Aurelius and Ralph Waldo Emerson



  • Article on the link between early exposure to TV and the development of autism
  • Article on the health benefits of installing emissions control technology on school buses
  • Article on AI’s incredible ability to accurately diagnose diseases
  • Documentary recommendation: The Game Changers
  • Scott Galloway Presentation at Code 2019
  • Some information on my late professor: Andrew Price-Smith
  • Quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer and Swami Satchidanada



  • Documentary Recommendation: HUMAN
  • Article on a promising German VTOL
  • Article on the world’s touch deficit
  • Article on the effect that checking email has on IQ
  • Article on global energy
  • Quotes by the Dalai Lama and Julia Galef