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Announcement – Mid-Week Postings

I decided to start doing mid-week posts. You can find them under the same menu as the other newsletters, and I’ll also include their links in the newsletters I send out on Sundays. Here is the link to the post from this past week:


Person Working On Something Very Cool – David McCandless 

David McCandless is a data journalist, author, and founder of the blog Information is Beautiful. He and his team create incredible data visualizations that illuminate hidden patterns and give new perspectives. I’m attaching a link to McCandless’s TED talk below, and links to a few of my favorite data visualizations on his website.


Cool visualizations:


Falcon Heavy Launch 

SpaceX just launched its second Falcon Heavy rocket, and successfully landed all three boosters after delivering its payload into orbit. This is pretty monumental. The video below features highlights from the launch, including the booster landings.


Astounding FeatColin O’Brady’s Antarctic Crossing

In late 2018, Colin O’Brady completed the first ever solo trek across Antarctica. He pulled a 300 pound sled nearly 1,000 miles across the snowy terrain; It took him only fifty four days. The aspect of this journey that I found most impressive is how O’Brady dealt with the final push. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Photo of the Week