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Person Worth Following – Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is described by wikipedia as a writer “[Who] specializes in pseudoscientific theories” and describes his work as “pseudoarcheology.” After doing some research and listening to what he has to say, I’ve come to disagree strongly with these statements.

Hancock, in my opinion, is coming under fire for challenging the status quo and putting forward arguments that go against the paradigms which currently dominate the modern scientific and archeological worldviews. And, like so many before him, he is being burned at the stake for voicing ideas that run counter to mainstream dogma.

That said, I could be wrong about Hancock. There may well be some good reasons for the backlash coming from the current established groups of archeologists that I haven’t been able to find. If anyone reading this does find compelling information refuting Hancock’s claims, please send it to me.

If you want to hear what Hancock has to say, I’d highly recommend listening to the interview I’m attaching below. My favorite part of the conversation starts at 54:40.

Graham Hancock reads Thoth’s Prophecy