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What I’ve been reading/researching over the past week:

The FDA just approved the most expensive drug ever – “At $2 million, the priciest medication ever treats fatal genetic disease”

  • The drug is intended to treat spinal muscular atrophy, an inherited condition.


Starlink Satellite Launch – “SpaceX just unleashed its first 60 Starlink high-speed-internet satellites”

  • SpaceX has long been planning to launch a massive networks of internet satellites. In theory, these satellites could provide high speed internet to any location on the planet. Their most recent launch was a major step forward in making this happen. If SpaceX’s plan is successful, I’m curious to see how the universal option of high speed satellite internet will affect the business of cellphone companies.
  • The amateur video below shows the satellites flying in formation after being deployed.



More evidence that playing football it awful for health – Former NFL players die at a rate faster than that of other athletes, study finds


Antidepressant use is rising sharply around the world 

  • This article discusses the variation in antidepressant use between the countries in which it is most frequently prescribed, and gives a nuanced explanation as to what usage data might mean.


How Wikipedia Works 

  • This post does a good job of explaining how wikipedia can maintain structure and continuity, in spite of the fact that anyone can edit it.