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Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is one of the lesser known democratic presidential candidates, but his fame is rising quickly. His most notable policy proposal the the establishment of a universal basic income for all Americans. This is a fairly old idea that has recently been receiving quite a bit of media attention, largely due to the increasing number of workers that are being displaced by automation. Even if you try to stay fairly apolitical (As I generally do,) Yang is well worth listening to. He is smart, interesting, and has a lot of stats to back up his arguments. If you want to learn more about his policy ideas, click here. A few of his interviews are attached below.


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5/3/2019 – Excerpt from Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Make Healthcare Human Again


Great Application of Autonomous Aircraft

In this TED Talk, Keller Rinaudo discusses his UAV company, which uses drones to deliver blood to remote hospitals in Africa.


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