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Recommended Reading

Time Magazine Inventions of the Year

My favorites include:


7 Techniques for Improving Your State of Mind

  • Written by yours truly


A Neuroimaging Study of Personality Traits and Self Reflection


  • Provides evidence that the left brain vs right brain theory of personality might not be entirely a myth after all.


See the year’s best pictures of the hidden microscopic world (Nat Geo)


  • One of the coolest collections of photographs I have ever seen


Where your tax dollar was spent in 2018


  • “Of every dollar taxpayers pay in income taxes, 24¢ goes to the military – but only 4.8¢ goes to our troops in the form of pay, housing allowances and other benefits (excluding healthcare).”
  • “Taxpayers pay half as much to support our veterans by providing health care, income support and job training, among other benefits (5.9¢) as we pay private military contractors.”
  • “The average taxpayer paid $3,457 for the Pentagon and military, almost nineteen times more than for all diplomacy and foreign aid ($183).”


What if NASA had the U.S Military’s Budget?


  • The United States spends about 600 billion dollars on the military per year, which is about 54% of the annual discretionary budget. By comparison, NASA only gets 18.5 billion per year, or 0.5% of the budget.


  • To be perfectly honest, I think our money would be better spent on foreign aid than spaceflight. Still, the above video does a great job putting military spending into perspective.


Update on Breathwork 

Regular readers of this blog might be getting sick of how often I mention this practice. But it would honestly feel like a disservice not to, given how transformative and healing it has been for me. I did my fourth session of Holotropic Breathwork yesterday, and once again had a profound experience. I have found no other technique that seems to dig as deeply into the subconscious mind, and address its issues, for the same price. If you want to learn more about breathwork, shoot me an email, or check out this post I wrote about my experience with it.



“People who devote their lives to studying something often come to believe that the object of their fascination is the key to understanding everything.”

– Jonathan Haidt

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure, that just ain’t so.”

– Usually attributed to Mark Twain

“If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

– Ram Dass


Great Cover


Drone Photo